"Oneda has been a great partner. Their leadership team’s commitment to the customer and their emphasis on quality control was also a driver for us, and their team provided design-feedback along the way which helped us create a manufacture-ready product.”

– Mafizur Bhuiya, RINNAI

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“Overall level of quality, service, cost, and delivery are rated in the top 2 of all Fujitsu Ten Corporation of America Suppliers. Always a pleasure to work with as one team.”

– Brett Turner, Fujitsu Corporation of America

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Creating Long-Term Partnerships

We are a flexible and collaborative-minded precision metal stamping and tool and die company that is dedicated to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers. Our customers are the reason we’ve been able to do what we love for the past 60 years. Here’s what they say about working with Oneda Corporation:

Customer Case Studies

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems

Automotive Tow Bracket

Three years ago, Oneda Corporation, a machine shop and metal stamping manufacturer serving the automobile industry, had the opportunity to work on a multi-year project with Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, a manufacturer of automotive wiring harnesses. The project was to develop and produce a tow bracket that would hold the electronics and become a connection point for the brakes and lights between the truck and trailer system for a large automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

The two companies, with differing skill sets, began collaborating at the initial design stage, to ensure that the part they were creating could be implemented on-time and on-budget and wouldn’t generate additional expenses downstream. The two companies designed and developed multiple iterations of the part, working together on not just the design phase, but also throughout the metal stamping and assembly stage of the product. Due to their proximity, as the companies were located 125 miles from each other, with Oneda in Columbus, Georgia and Sumitomo in Pell City, Alabama, parts were able to be quickly sent from one location to the next for convenient testing throughout each stage of the process.

Oneda and Sumitomo then went above and beyond the initial request of the OEM to create a way that guarantees the operator properly places the cover on the electrical distribution box during final assembly.

Throughout this project, Oneda has delivered more than 775,000 parts to Sumitomo, creating a longstanding partnership not only with each other but with the OEM.

“Our company has worked with Oneda quite a bit and it’s a great, cooperative relationship. They are the experts in metal stamping and brackets and guided us on how many welds were needed and where to weld so that as the go-between, we could easily explain it to the OEM.”

Advanced Materials Testing & Technologies

Steel Specimens

Oneda Corporation, a full-service metal stamping manufacturer, complete with machine shop, tool and die shop, and design/engineering services out of Columbus, Georgia, recently decided to look for new opportunities to expand their customer base. The company sent Michael Brooks, manager, to a Georgia Tech Contracting Academy class, to learn more about opportunities to bid on and win government contracts.

Once the class commenced Brooks was quick to register Oneda as a federal and state contractor. Within a few short months, Robert Amaro, owner of Advanced Materials Testing & Technologies (AMTT), an engineering consulting firm in Alabama, reached out to him for assistance on a project.

AMTT, in conjunction with the not-for-profit research institute Southern Research, was awarded a federal grant to support gas and electric utility companies by researching the possibility of extending the useful operational lives of existing coal plants throughout the U.S. As part of the project, Amaro received very large, organically shaped, steel weldments from shuttered coal plants to further test and analyze the material. The steel received needed to be processed into precise cylindrical specimens extracted from exact positions within the base material, weld heat affected zones, and weld fusions zones, all while maintaining traceability relative to specimen position and orientation within the original organic weldment. AMTT went through the government contracting process to find a third-party supplier that could assist in this endeavor.

Amaro began working with Brooks and the Oneda team, first visiting the Oneda plant to get a broader understanding of their capabilities. Through this visit and the subsequent agreement of a partnership, AMTT sent the material to Brooks, who then worked with his skilled tool and die makers to create the required jigs and fixtures to extract the specimens following AMTT’s exacting specifications by use of their Wire EDM machine. Given the timing of the project relative to COVID (August/September 2020) and the resulting delay in the project presented by COVID, AMTT and Southern Research needed more than a machine shop to perform this work. The services of Oneda’s design team, tool and die shop, and administrative department were all required as full project team members in order to support the federal grant. Since both companies were in the Southeast, the start to finish lead time was two weeks, half the time of what AMTT was being quoted from other manufacturers.

Since this project, Oneda has received additional jobs through their government contracting number and are also in discussion with AMTT on future projects.

Tool and die is a lost art and when Oneda came around and I saw firsthand their shop, I was so excited. They have a proper tool and die shop with advanced manufacturing capabilities that you just don’t see nowadays. Their EDM machine and tool and die expertise helped us get back on track from a 6-month delay resulting from COVID-19.

Manufacturing Services

Metal Stamping

Oneda offers Metal Stamping services

From prototyping initial designs to full mass production, our precision metal stamping capabilities consistently produce extremely precise and high-quality products for our customers.

Advanced Engineering

Ondea offers Advanced Engineering services

Using advanced engineering and design experience, we design and develop manufacturing techniques in automation by way of robotic transfer.

Tool and Die

Oneda offers Tool & Die services

Our team is comprised of highly skilled tool and die shop makers that pair traditional methodologies with advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Our Metal Stamping and Tool and Die Work