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Precise and Reliable Metal Stamping Manufacturing

At Oneda Corporation, our highly skilled tool and die makers with advanced manufacturing capabilities continuously produce on-time, high-quality products for our customers by:

  • Using Quality Materials – our products are American-made, with most of our materials and components sourced in the United States.
  • Manufacturing One Complete Part – we use precision metal stamping to create intricate parts to your exact specifications.
  • Utilizing Technology – our team creates parts that can be assembled through automation as well as manual labor.
  • Scaling to Size – our precision is highly accurate allowing the products to be scaled to fit in units of all sizes.

Our suite of services includes Metal Stamping, Advanced Engineering, and Tool and Die.

Oneda offers Metal Stamping services

Metal Stamping

From prototyping initial designs to full mass production, our precision metal stamping manufacturing capabilities consistently produce precise and high-quality products for our customers. Working in partnership with our customers, we use our extensive experience in flexible manufacturing processes to reduce tooling expenses, improve overall unit costs, and increase production capacity.

Ondea offers Advanced Engineering services

Advanced Engineering

Using advanced engineering and design experience, we design and develop manufacturing techniques in automation by way of robotic transfer. The team has designed and developed transfer robots, multi-tool technologies, integrated vision inspection, and produced several parts at once within the same process. This advanced production methodology provides significant cost advantages to our customers over progressive stamping operations.

Oneda offers Tool & Die services

Tool and Die

Our team is comprised of experienced tool and die shop makers that pair traditional methodologies with advanced manufacturing capabilities. By incorporating modern thinking and technology into all of our customer projects, we provide world-class tooling, metal stampings, and value added assemblies for the industries we serve.

Precision Metal Stamping Equipment

Oneda Corporation uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, machinery, and automation to ensure craftmanship and quality products for our customers.

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