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About Oneda Corporation: A Premier Metal Stamping Company

Oneda Corporation is a family-owned, Georgia-based contract manufacturer specializing in precision metal stamping, assembly, and tool and die designs. We utilize innovative robotic transfer and progressive stamping capabilities, with press sizes ranging from 25 to 500 tons, to produce on-time, high quality products for our customers.

By working with us, you gain a forward-thinking partner that is flexible, collaborative, and believes in paying for craftsmanship and quality instead of overseas shipping and filler costs.

We are a premier metal stamping company located in Columbus, Georgia and are a subsidiary of Oneda Electric Corporation serving the automotive, medical, heating and air, transportation, refrigeration, consumer electronics industries, and more.

What Sets Oneda Corporation Apart from Other Metal Stamping Companies

  • American Made – Georgia-based, third-generation, family-owned manufacturer
  • Customer-Focused – Flexible and collaborative-minded company
  • Our People – Highly skilled team members with an internal Die Shop Apprenticeship program, training the next generation of tool and die makers
  • Proficient – Consistently producing extremely precise and high-quality products
  • Credible – Price is based on product quality instead of filler costs such as shipping, tariffs, and import taxes
  • Commitment to Excellence – ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF16949-certified
  • Convenience – Proximity to customers and logistically friendly
  • Longevity – Proven track-record for approximately 60 years

History of Oneda Corporation

Oneda Electric Corporation
Oneda Electric Corporation

Oneda Electric Corporation was formed to provide world-class metal stampings and value-added assemblies for Automotive, Non-Automotive, Medical, and Consumer Industries.

Nakajyo Plant
Oneda Electric Corporation Nakajyo Plant


Tool & Die

Electronic Assembly

Asahi Denki Plant
Oneda Electric Corporation Asahi Denki Plant

Main Electronic Assembly Plant

Sanpoku Plant
Oneda Electric Corporation Sanpoku Plant

Assembly Operations Plant

Takano Plant
Oneda Electric Corporation Takano Plant

Secondary Stampings

Nakajyo Plant Expansion
Oneda Electric Corporation Nakajyo Plant Expansion

Tool & Die


Nakajyo Plant Expansion
Oneda Electric Corporation Nakajyo Plant Expansion


Oneda Corporation (USA)
Oneda Corporation (USA)

Oneda Corporation, located in Columbus, Georgia, formed to support US OEM’s for Custom Metal Stampings, Assemblies, and Tool & Die Operations.

USA Plant Expansion
Oneda Corporation (USA) Plant Expansion

Large Metal Stamping

Metal / Plastic Assembly

USA FG Warehouse Expansion
Oneda Corporation (USA) FG Warehouse Expansion
USA Off-Site Warehouse
Oneda Corporation (USA) Off-Site Warehouse

Policies and Certifications

Our metal stamping company offers custom metal stamping and assembly applications to meet our customer requirements. In every project we take on, we meet rigorous standards to ensure the highest quality and that we are being stewards of the environment.

Working at Oneda

Oneda thrives off collaborative relationships. On average, our team members have worked at the Oneda manufacturing plant for more than 10 years, working towards the same common goal: to lead, to unite, and to inspire. Together, we serve our customers in metal stamping, tool and die design, and custom contract manufacturing. We are always looking for great people to join our team.

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